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Do Dads Come Back ?

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Yes, you read it right. Death is a truth which no one can deny, and another bitter truth is that we all have to face it, there is no escape. But, now the question is... does someone come back after leaving us forever ?

Yes, some do. How ? I have the answer!


The sun of my life can never, now rise
Yes I am so much in pain after my dad's demise.                               

Since when he left us
When I met a close friend of him, uncle Vinay
With a gentle smile said, "You now resemble your dad !
Yes, you have slightly started looking like him."

Really ?
Oh I remember, people say
Fathers do come back, after they've gone, after so many years,
in the form of their son!

They do come back in son's conversations, the way he talks,
also in the son's tone of voice,
They do come back in son's old age activities,
They do come back in the way son behaves too.

The nature of the son changes, when he grows old
The son resembles his dad now
This way, Dads do come back in their sons !

Now since ages have gone,
Sometimes, still I just can't stop myself from thinking
"When he had to come back like this,
then why did he leave me in the first place ?"

After this thought which tears me apart,
The next moment I realise, that I have grown from a boy into a man.
"Would I ever have grown up till my dad was there beside me ?"

I guess,
Just to make me realise my responsibilities,
to transform me into something, as my dad was,
Left he ?


posted Oct 17, 2016 by Pankaj Maurya

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So truthful, it enlighten my relationship with my dad strong.
You really have good sense of thoughts.
Keep motivating

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