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Why Pooja Mishra slaps Rs 100 Cr defamation case against Sunny Leone?

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posted Apr 5, 2016 by Ramya

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1 Answer

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Model, VJ and former Bigg Boss contestant Pooja Mishra has smashed down Bollywood actress Sunny Leone with a defamation case of worth rupees 100 crore. The model said she has been defamed by Sunny who tried to lower down her image in the society with her comments and interviews to local newspapers.
Pooja Mishra has asked for a defamation compensation of Rs. 100 crore from the porn star turned actress Sunny Leone. Pooja Mishra took the case to the High Court where Justice Naresh Patil adjourned the court until vacations end. When the case was taken in the court, the petitioner was not present. The case will probably be again lifted up in the court in June 2016 when the summer vacations end.

answer Apr 18, 2016 by Ahana
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