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For which film Shahrukh Khan got first filmfare best actor award?In which year that film was released?

+2 votes
posted Mar 8, 2016 by Andy Quirós

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2 Answers

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Best answer

Baazigar -1993

Shah Rukh Khan began his career appearing in several television serials in the late 1980s and made his film debut in Deewana (1992) which won him the Filmfare Best Debut Award. The following year, he appeared in the critically acclaimed crime thriller Baazigar, for which he earned his first Filmfare Best Actor Award. Khan has won fourteen Filmfare Awards, and at eight wins, holds the record for the most Filmfare Best Actor Awards along with Dilip Kumar.

answer Mar 9, 2016 by Ajay Kumar Topno
+1 vote

Baazigar -1993

answer Mar 8, 2016 by Josita Sarwan
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