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Is it the MEEK who shall inherit the earth or is it the DISCIPLINED?

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posted Sep 25, 2015 by Christina Hawkins

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1 Answer

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  • “Some feel that fear is okay as a lifestyle because they’ve heard that the meek shall inherit the earth.
  • So they can go on with being meek as a way of life.
  • They become soft-spoken and compliant, never standing for themselves; always resigned to being a fluffy doormat.

  • But scholars now say that in the scriptural texts that were translated from the Greek, the word praos doesn’t exactly mean “meek” as people have always thought.

  • In fact, it is more accurate to say it means “disciplined.”

A very big difference in those translations.
It’s much more encouraging to now realize that the disciplined shall inherit the earth.”

~ Steve Chandler from Fearless

answer Sep 25, 2015 by anonymous
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